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PS21 Barna: a new company with the culture of PS21 and the talent of BCN

The inauguration of the company coincides with the naming of PS21 as creative agency of the year at the Eficacia Awards. The goal is to replicate that business model with the culture and identity of Barcelona. It will be led by Enric Nel-lo and Jaume Leis

Nov, 08 . 2022 by Jungle21



José Sancho joins PS21, Jungle21's creative transformation agency

José Sancho has joined PS21as creative director for KFC and joined the department led by Víctor Blanco. The goal is for him to help further enhance the creativity of the team working on this account. Sancho has been...

Nov, 30 . 2021



The Pasqual Maragall Foundation launches the ES3 campaign to prevent Alzheimer's disease

At the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, researchers are working to defeat Alzheimer's disease and achieve a future in which aging is associated with positive experiences.

Nov, 02 . 2021
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